Craft Corner

By: Julia L. 7C


DIY: Instagram Calendar

Are you scrambling to find a Valentine’s Day gift for your friends? Look no further! Everyone knows that homemade gifts are the most meaningful, and this calendar is a memorable gift you can give to an Instagram-loving friend. It is a great way to show your love and appreciation. Put photos of you and your friends or include artsy photos from your friend’s page. Either way your friends will love this easy do-it-yourself gift.  If you don’t have Instagram, you can still put together this calendar using pictures of specials moments you’ve had with your friends.



-Calendar template/mini 2015 calendar that you don’t mind cutting

-Paper for cover

-12 Instagram photos (You can print them out using an app like PostalPix)

-Hole puncher






1.     Start by cutting out the calendar template for each month. (I would suggest putting them in order just to stay organized)

2.     Next, trim your printed Instagram photos to the same size and attach them to sturdy paper. You can print them out using apps like PostalPix, or you could screenshot them and print.

3.     Hole punch the tops of the calendar pieces and the bottoms of your Instagram photos. This is where they will connect.

4.     Put the photos in the order that you want. (Here’s a fun suggestion: choose photos from that month like a picture of you sledding for December to make the calendar feel festive!)

5.     Hole punch the cover on the bottom too. Use markers or other decorative materials to make the cover more fun.

6.     Finally, thread the yarn through the aligning holes in the order that the months and pictures go in. Tie the yarn and cut any excess.


Now you can make this super easy Instagram calendar instead of rushing out to buy a present! Make this for family or the friends in your life that dominate your Instagram feed!



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